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Indulge in the lap of luxury and revel in elegance, for you deserve the finer things in life. Fortune favors the bold, so give in to your daring desires with Ideal 55X Luxurious Intensity Bronzer for color that exudes extravagance. Blame your confidence on Exclusive Elite Elixir and Ultra-Selective Silicone for a curiously, compelling complexion. You have an unmistakable edge that leaves you dripping in golden finesse. Don’t be deceived by those who will imitate. For a custom bronze available only by design, choose LVX™ to deliver stylish color at its most refined.

  • Ideal 55X Luxurious Intensity Bronzer delivers a powerful combination of bronzing ingredients for exceptional instant results and unparalleled color that continues to develop after tanning
  • Exclusive Elite Elixir is specially designed to give skin a more youthful and gorgeous glow
  • Embellished Tattoo Protection reveals the natural beauty of tattoos by deeply moisturizing and conditioning for vibrancy and clarity
  • Vitamin Vitality Mix fuses three essential vitamins that nourish, soften and smooth, while protecting against environmental aggressors for overall skin health and appearance
  • Ultra-Selective Silicone glides onto the skin with a luxurious velvet feel as it helps to promote even application, while providing an optical blurring effect for a gorgeous, flawless finish
  • Odor inhibiting technology works with a refreshing Citrus Tonic fragrance to leave skin smelling fresh
Fragrance: Citrus Tonic
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