• Type:Miracle Collection
  • Size:13.5 oz. Bottle / .5 oz. Packette
  • Download:PDF
Sultry, tantalizing color doesn’t come easy for most, but for a bronze temptress like yourself color is hardly an issue! Amplify your assets with a luxe moisture blend of revitalizing antioxidants while Fierce Tattoo Protection defends your most prized possessions. Strike a provocative pose and push the boundaries of sexy with this all too alluring bronzer. Your only job right now is to own the night, no regrets until morning!

  • Tempting 15X Bronzer combines Caramel and DHA for the most wild color yet
  • Keep your body art sexy and sensual with Fierce Tattoo Protection which uses Green Tea and Licorice Root to naturally protect against fading
  •  Seriously Seductive Moisture features a blend of Vitamins C, E and exotic botanicals that work to protect from environmental stressors, helping to keep skin looking youthful and glowing
  •  Wild Rose and Nectarine Fragrance combines with ATO Inhibitors to leave you smelling intoxicating after tanning 
Fragrance: Wild Rose and Nectarine
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