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Designer Skin is dedicated to delivering superior results through innovative products with the finest ingredients and luxurious fragrances. Specialized formulations such as our Silicone Emulsions, advanced bronzing systems and actives provide outstanding color and unparalleled skincare. Hand-made in our state of the art facility, Designer Skin products continue to break boundaries by delivering the most advanced, aesthetically differentiated and effective products on the market.

There's a line between ordinary and extraordinary cross it! For divas who demand the very best in bronzing and skincare, Designer Skin delivers the ultimate in luxurious indoor tanning lotions. Designer Skin's prevailing philosophy is "Nutrition for the Skin" and this mantra drives every aspect of our product development. Designer Skin's phenomenal line of products provide the ultimate in skin nutrition through the use of advanced skincare ingredients and superior formulations.

Designer Skin. Exceptional skincare. Exceptional color.

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Our Fight Against Diversion

Designer Skin is committed to a salon-only policy of sales and distribution of our indoor tanning lotions. Our products produce optimum results when chosen and sold by trained tanning salon professionals who understand their clients' tanning needs and objectives. Diverted products are many times counterfeit, contaminated, old or expired products that may not be safe to use. We are committed to protecting the safety of our consumers. Our commitment to you is to make every effort to maintain the product integrity that you demand.

Designer Skin does not guarantee the authenticity, age or efficacy of products sold outside
of legitimate distribution channels. By purchasing diverted product, you will contribute to a major problem that affects both consumers and the entire professional tanning salon industry.

Diverted product hurts the independent salon owner, the professional lotion manufacturer, and ultimately you, the consumer, who trusts a professional brand like Designer Skin to deliver the highest quality ingredients and results. But we can only guarantee our brands when they're bought through professional tanning salon outlets.

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We <3 our furry friends and never test our products on animals!  

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