No Apologies®

  • Type:Bath | Body | Face
  • Size:8.5oz Bottle
  • Download:PDF
Nicks, cuts, unsightly razor bumps… No thank you! Prepare to say goodbye to those undesirable side effects of shaving, and hello to smooth skin with a longer lasting glow. The tan extending lotion of No Apologies® has remained the same, but with an all new look for this fan favorite! Formulated for sensitive skin, you’ll fall in love all over again as the lotion helps to rid skin of stubble, while nourishing and protecting color. No Oops! No Ouch! No Apologies!

  • Juice Evolution® Technology contains the antioxidant rich Superfruits, Passion Fruit and Sea Buckthorn Berries, with Sugar Cane to help condition and soothe skin while shaving  
  • The silky smooth formulation creates a thin, lather-free layer on the skin, allowing for a closer shave 
  • Contains Caffeine-packed Coffee Bean Extract and Shave Minimizers that work to improve tone and promote sexy, smooth skin
  • Designed to be used on wet or dry skin. No Added Hemp, Aloe, or Sulfates. 
  • Gently rub a thin layer onto wet or dry skin – the gel will not lather. Shave and rinse completely 
  • Formulated to combat against ATO
Fragrance: Papaya Passion
No Apologies®
New Sunshine, LLC

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